A new workspace experience. Y20 SPACE by WJ Design

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WJ Design. Lead designer.- Leo Hu
Design team
Xingbo Ying
Light.- SIKI.
Hangzhou Aicai Network Technology Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Jiechuang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
700 m²
January, 2018

Leo Hu, Hongfei Yan. WJ Design

Leo Hu. Founder and design director of WJ Design. He graduated from China Academy of Art. He once worked at PROSHMA and GOA, an also worked as technical director with Renzo Piano on Mr. Piano’s first project in China. In 2014, he founded WJ Design and leads the team to complete nearly one hundred projects in the last four years.

His works have won a lot of international awards and participate in the INSIDE World Interior Design Award (2017–2018) for two consecutive years. He was awarded INSIDE Highly Commended (2018), Hong Kong. A&D Award (2018), Germany GDA Award (2017). He was named IDPA China-Japan International Pioneer Design Award - TOP10 International Most Influential Designer (2018), AD100 Elite Designer (2017).

In the current diversified architectural design, modern buildings are more aggressive, without the presentation of the initial aesthetic feeling of a building. Leo believes that architecture is recognized by time and memory. The aesthetics of the Orientals pay more attention to the initial natural beauty expressed by things themselves rather than the expression of their forms, and so are buildings. When we want to express its original beauty, we need to think about the true meaning of architecture for us, and see the truth of the object. The concept “less is more” is about more discovery less artificial design.

Hongfei Yan. Founder and design director of WJ Design. Design elite of modern decoration International Media Awards of 2014.



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